Monday, April 17, 2017

Exaggerated Benefits of Breastfeeding

“There are countless medical, emotional, and economic benefits of breastfeeding…”
The American Academy of Pediatrics, April 2017

The benefits of breastfeeding are so plentiful they can’t be counted. Countless. Do not fall for this spin in the new clinical report issued this month by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Although “countless” the AAP still managed to rattle off a list of purported breastfeeding benefits to try to dazzle pediatricians into believing the benefits are stronger and better than they truly are.

The AAP experts are no longer interested, if they ever were, in quantifying the purported benefits. They certainly don’t like to take measure of the size of the benefits. Like telling you the number of ear infections you can prevent by breastfeeding for 6 months. They do not want moms to know it is less than one. As it turns out, breastfeeding benefits are relatively moderate and short-term. But that does not make anyone want to breastfeed let alone for one year, exclusively for 6 months.

I won’t even comment today on the other questionable language and claims in the new AAP report, including “optimal cognitive development.” 

Parents deserve better information. They don’t deserve “countless” benefits of breastfeeding. A respected pediatric organization should not spin health information. Period. 

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Best Parenting Books of 2016?

Every year I have rounded up the best parenting books. As you know, it is more like books of interest to parents more than the traditional best parenting books per se. Do you still read parenting book? Does anyone? This year, I'd like to mix it up and hear from you. I'm opening it up. If you have a few minutes, take my poll.

You can find the survey here, on this link. thanks! Your responses are anonymous but you can leave a comment below if you want to make your favorite books known.