Monday, November 27, 2017

How To Spot Credible Parenting Advice

Figuring out whether parenting advice is credible remains a huge challenge for parents. The solution -  developing some parenting expertise. Or as I prefer to call it - parenting experTEASE. What does this mean? Having some skill in navigating and understanding parenting news and advice. To help parents boost their parenting expertise (exper' tease), I'm publishing a guide for parents, basically a mini-course in recognizing sound information. I've published the first part, a checklist of sort, a weeks ago. It's a quick one-page guide, essentially a tool-kit or series of questions or issues to ponder when you encounter parenting information. You can also find the checklist on the new "Parent's Guide" tab on the site. 

You can either see the entire page by scrolling down on the sidebar, by clicking on the arrow that appears in the upper right hand corner or you can download the one-page PDF clicking here.

If you share or post it, please kindly attribute it to I'll be posting an infographic shortly. Yes, I'm starting an Instagram account - and taking suggestions for other social media sharing ideas. 

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