Apply To Be An Expert Today, Please!

SheKnows, the giant digital media company has gobbled up BlogHer, the giant women’s blogging community in hopes of luring more female visitors, more brands and more advertising dollars to their lifestyle fiefdom that specializes in fashion, food, gardening and naturally – parenting!

If you don’t sit around checking your Twitter feed or care about digital media news don’t stop reading just yet. The #1 top women's media empire has experts too, thank you very much:

SheKnows might not carry the same weight among fashionistas or moms as a Vogue, Refinery29 or Parenting magazine, but it does have about 500 writers it calls experts on a range of topics, part of a program called "Experts Among Us." One woman, for instance, writes about untangling jewelry. The BlogHer network broadens this base of writers. via Advertising Age

Seriously. Untangling jewelry. Maybe this help explains it.

Philippe Guelton, SheKnows Media CEO, explained the partnership fit because both have the same vision for high-quality branded content. The two publishers served a total 1.76 billion ad impressions this past September. And together, they'll have 147.4 million social media followers. Ad Week

Same vision for high-quality branded content....

(*High-quality content by SheKnows expert: Thanks 

Of course, high-quality content, high-quality experts, high-quality influencers or should I say InfluenceHers:

Importantly, SheKnows will gain access to the InfluenceHer 360 platform, which allows bloggers to create native content and provides brands with valuable metrics that show how well the content performs. Guelton said SheKnows will combine InfluenceHer 360 with its current Experts Among Us offering, a group of influencers who are available to create branded content. SheKnows has about 500 experts, while BlogHer's reach includes 3,000 blogs and 17,000 social media accounts. Ad Week

Native content? Branded content? We’ll get to that paid mess another time. For now, let’s check out those experts. What does it take to become an expert and deliver expert knowledge and advice branded content at SheKnows? Internet access and not much else.

Believe it or not, there are experts everywhere. Maybe you have a fancy degree. Maybe it's a hardcore hobby. Maybe it's both. The true qualifier for an expert is whether you dare to share your passion. Roll that up with an amazing personality. Sprinkle on some social influence. Top off with a sprig of talent — and boom. You might just be our next rock star. SheKnows

SheKnows knows experts, clearly. Please, someone apply, I dare you. Please, I’ll help you find your passion and personality. I would love nothing better than to spawn more experts in my spare time. Plus I’ll also need someone to go on stage when I win one of the Top Voices of The Year awards in absentia at the BlogHer Conference in New York City this summer. As a SheKnows Expert you will need something to do at #BlogHer15 in between snapping up the swag, throwing back the free vodka shots and mingling with brands. 

*Thirteen people having a worse holiday than you (in GIFs). 

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