A Stupid Question about Boosting IQ

Can you boost your child's IQ? 

I almost made it through the day without thinking about this question. That's the good news. The bad news, WebMD dropped that question into my inbox and I took the bait because it was 6:30pm, I can't get the new toner cartridge into the printer and my blood glucose level is low, so obviously my self-discipline and cognitive judgment are impaired. Here was the mess that awaited my starving, slow brain on the commercial site masquerading as a health authority:
You probably already that know* genetics along with good nutrition, protection from toxins, and plenty of playtime and exercise all work together to nurture a child's intelligence. But is there something more you can do to actively boost your child's IQ? via WebMD
OF COURSE there is something more you can do to boost your child's IQ! What a silly question.

You could introduce Mozart in the womb, exercise during pregnancy, breastfeed, serve more oily fish, buy a lot of books, read a lot of books, send your toddler to Kumon, send you toddler to Music Together, Mommy and Me (i.e. the current class that makes new mothers roll around on the floor with the grace of beached whales), teach your toddler to read, teach your child to play the piano, teach your child another language, teach your child three languages, recite math facts, recite the Iliad, recite the Odyssey, recite your grocery list, recite your unsent letters to the school principal, dance around the crib, dance around the high chair, bow to the horse, bow to the cow, now twirl the pig if you know how! 

You could do all of these and more in an attempt to boost your child's intelligence. The question is, do any of them actually boost intelligence? 

And why wouldn't a parent feed their children a good diet, protect them from toxins and let them get in a lot of play and exercise anyhow?

*Not my typo. Know that. 

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