What's Messing Up Kids This Week

 All the latest threats to your children (or granny) without the nuance, without the bothersome details:

Get grandma to the spa or her favorite cognitive behavioral therapist. Your kids are stressing her out.

Why pregnant women should avoid stress and air pollution, a toxic cocktail. New Jersey residents, avoid the Garden State during the hours of 7 am and forever.

Why goldfish are dangerous. Note to self: Wash hands. Wash hands. Wash hands.*

Why video games are dangerous. It's not the violence, it's the rampant sugar and empty calories.

Why aren't parents complying with the HPV vaccine recommendations?

English-speaking parents distrust government and science but don't worry about a cancer-inducing virus infecting their daughters.
Spanish-speaking parents didn't get the message or worry their daughters will run out and have sex.

It's official, Lance Armstrong is not just a bad role model but sucks at social media and apologizing.

* This morning as I was rearranging a pile of books in my dining room/library/mailroom, Ann Hulbert's Raising America: Experts, Parents and a Century of Advice about Children fell from the top of a bookcase into a vacant aquariam (the fish perished after one hot night). Coincidence? Sign from the parenting gods? I don't know but I'm planning to re-read it.

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