Freaky Findings Friday: Read before you wash those dirty hands

Welcome to the start of cold and flu season, the perfect time to remind children to wash their hands thoroughly.

Except if you want them to do well at school.

Folks this news comes straight from Germany. At least it wasn't my tax dollars at work:

After trying to complete an impossible task, research subjects who washed their hands felt better about failing but performed worse on the next test compared to those who didn't wash up. Apparently the soap and water bumped up their self-esteem but sapped their motivation. Now I'm not really sure what this means for public health, germaphobes or your kid's report card but someone please, I beg you, tell this baby to relax...

Panicked Newborn Didn't Realize Breathing Would Be On Apgar Test (credit: The Onion)

Read the breaking news about that poor little thing.

 Thanks, Rob. You're totally my fake parenting news expert. 

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