Quickie Parent: Weekly News Round Up (What To Worry About Now)

As if parents of middle-school students had no clue.  Middle school friendships matter. DUH. OMG. TTLY! Adults who were good at making friends back in adolescence find more success socially and professionally. GR8. WTF! L8R. LOL. Time Healthland
Middle-school parents, just in case you're running short on worries, here's one more. Postmenopausal bone health. Girls who smoke and experience depression in adolescence are at risk for postmenopausal osteperosis.  Science Daily
Speaking of risks…
More than 1 in 10 children are at risk for Attention Deficit Disorder.  In related news, childhood now at risk of being diagnosed as a psychiatric disorder. New York Times
Parents of Asian males, however, relax.  Your sons outscore everyone else on math and science. Science Daily
Parents of everyone else, ask the math teacher to gesture wildly. It helps kids get numbers.  Science Daily
Hockey moms, soccer moms, baseball moms, parents of little athletes.  Keep worrying about concussions. Pad the soccer goal and keep kids away from the batter while you're at it.  Science Daily

Parents worried "too many vaccines too soon" cause autism, stop worrying.  Science Daily

Don't even think about naming a daughter Brenda. Cross those girly names off the list. Scientific journal articles written by women are seen as inferior. Thanks, mom. Thanks, dad. Science Daily

Forgetting kids for a second...

In a minor victory for women, rather women without children…they are not as depressed as men without children.  Science Daily

From The Journal of Just Not Fair…a study of U.S. married couples found men who do more housework have less sex. Presumbably their wives too. Scientific American
Freak finding?  


KiwiMama said...

Oh my life, how have I not come across your blog until now? It is so refreshing to read such unbiased, logical analyses of research and parenting discourse.
So glad I've found you!

Polly Palumbo, Ph.D. said...

Kiwi Mom - glad to have found you too! Always a treat to find another science-minded momma! How'd you find the blog? MInd if I also ask why or how you've come to respect empirical evidence?

KiwiMama said...

I read the Fearless Formula Feeder, and was following a series of links - to be honest it was late at night so I don't entirely remember the path I took to get to your blog, only that I got super excited when I got here and ended up spending 2 hours reading through your posts.

I'm a mum, stepmum and teacher (and for full disclosure, I formula fed my son) - as part of my training for my education degree I looked into research into childhood development and I was horrified at the gaping holes I perceived in the analysis of the data. Because of my profession and my own children I take a lot of interest in research related to children, parenting and childhood development. After making the choice to formula feed my child I was shocked at some of the attitudes I encountered, so I started looking into the research regarding infant feeding and found myself getting immensely frustrated at how biased and inconsistent the presentation of the data was and how it was being used as a gospel for some extreme policies and attitudes.
I'm no scientist, but I'd like to think I'm a reasonably logical person.

Anyways, that's quite a novel, sorry about that. :-)

Polly Palumbo, Ph.D. said...

KM, I adore Suzanne and love hearing how people come to appreciate nuanced parenting/child health information. Suzanne's work has filled a gaping hole for sure. No need to apologize, especially in telling your experience and respect for reason and logic. Cheers!