What Parents Should Ask the Parenting Experts

Posted some advice over at my perch at Psychology Today - What This Parent Wants to Ask the Experts.  I suggested readers ask parenting experts for the evidence behind their claims and advice.  Not news here but we'll see about the general psych crowd.  It's a version of my recent letter to Santa.  Basically I've recommended the media do more fact checking and also put research findings into perspective and practical terms. Doesn't seem like much to ask.

What would you like to ask the experts?


Awesome Mom said...

I want to know why common sense is so rare. If more people used it this world would be a much better place.

Polly Palumbo, Ph.D. said...

You're thinking of some parenting behavior in particular, Awesome? Not getting the flu shot maybe?

Awesome Mom said...

Not getting vaccines, thinking that giving birth away from the hospital is somehow safer, that breast feeding is the be all and end all of infant feeding despite very clear evidence, demonizing other parents for using disposable diapers, sending their kids to daycare, or doing anything different than what that particular parent feels is best for everyone. Why do we as human beings seem to think that our way is the one and only right way to do everything?