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Shot@Life: The Stats
Let's forget breastfeeding and noted mayors who act like boobs for one moment and take a look at a public health effort designed to save children's lives that refreshingly is backed by solid empirical evidence and ultimately will make a big difference in the lives of families around the world - none other than the United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life, a campaign near and dear to my cynical heart that at the beginning of the month launched Blogust, a relay of blogs to raise awareness and funds for providing kiddies in the developing world access to life-saving vaccines.

Blog what? I know. 

Blog + August = Blogust.  

Now, what is it?

Now some of you savvy social media types will instantly know from blog relay.  Me not so much thus for the rest of us newbies, here's the deal.  The blog relay lasts 31 days and in true relay form one blogger will write a post and then pass the torch so to speak to the next (i.e. link to the next blogger in the relay).  For every comment posted across all these blogs an anonymous donor will donate $20 to Shot@Life.  As of this morning the comment ticker is 2,363.  Twenty dollars, by the way, is all it takes to vaccinate one child from 4 diseases for life. 

Shot@Life's Peg Willingham visiting a clinic in Hondurus.
Today's post comes from Catherine Connors aka Her Bad Mother.  Tomorrow Tracy Clark of Shutter Sisters, an amazing photographer and advocate carries the torch.  Randi Zuckerberg, yes, that one, carries it August 23.  Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress, whom many of you here probably know, August 26. 

Why am I, she who nit picks every other health campaign and study, okay like every one, such a champion of Shot@Life?  As I've explained before, it comes down to this.  I simply cannot sit here bashing health experts and science writers while kids die from diseases we know how to prevent like measles, pneumonia, polio and yes, diarrhea. 

No child should ever die from diarrhea.  Period.

Comment here if you must but head over to Her Bad Mother or one of the previous relay bloggers where your comments really count.  Leave a comment, protect a child for life.  It's that easy.  All the moola goes directly to the vaccinations.  And no I am not getting paid a cent to tell you all this.

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