Parenting Research Unplugged

Sippy cups, pacifiers and bottles result in over 2,000 annual ER trips. A lactivist's dream come true.

As is our next selection.

Breastmilk ingredient optimizes good gut bacteria. Fine. Show me the long-term health benefits. The ones not attributed to the mothers who breastfeed for a year (in between pilates, preschool book fairs and viola practice).
Andrew Wakefield: This face say "trust me?"

As long as we're talking limitations of research...

People are more accurate texting than speaking on phone.  With the possible exception of @Courtney (aka Courtney Love Cobain) whose texts are probably no more accurate than either her phone messages or tweets. Just ask Dave Grohl.  Courtney Love Accuses Dave Grohl of Hitting on Frances Bean Cobain

Courtney may be out of luck in the self-restraint lottery if this next one has any merit.

Twin study shows genes contribute more to personality traits, self-control, decision-making than previously thought. Or more than the last study showing how we can boost our self-control, decision-making skills or anything else also shaped by the environment (i.e. anything but genes) more than previously thought. 
Gaydar more accurate at detecting lesbians than gay men. Same study also found gaydar quite accurate when viewing faces upside down. I refuse to even try to speculate the evolutionary, um, angles.  

Best gaydar? Fertile women.  And producers of boy bands.

Speaking of hormones...

Women who are ovulating perceive hot, rebellious men as good daddies.  I have no doubt Eddie Vedder is an excellent father.

On a related note...

Looks matter more than behavior when it comes to who people trust. Trustworthy faces = full, rounded faces, round jaw, big round eyes. Where's that photo of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.   

Fun phonics games help children read. As if the Brain Academy or Leap Frog needs a plug. 

Diet of high-fructose sugar deters learning and memory. In rats. Yeah, okay. Now where did I put those Milk Duds?

(Not to be confused with Roy Baumeister's research showing a quick injection of glucose via fruit or ice cream actually increases self-control and good decision-making.)

P.S.  I don't know how "trustworthy" the former doctor Andrew Wakefield looks, but he will always be Brad Pitt's and Brendan Fraser's hypothetical baby to me and for some reason, I cannot get enough of the photo above and will continue to use it for years to come at the slightest provocation. 

Yes, I'm stuck on the Lithium Channel of late. Can we please bring back over-sized clothing and musicians who don't tweet? 


Awesome Mom said...

It is amazing how much a little common sense will get you. Those dangerous bottle and sippy cup injuries are so easily prevented. Then the kids will just fall and injure themselves with out the help of the bottle or sippy cup.

Polly Palumbo, Ph.D. said...

And dangerous lollipops, tv remotes, bubble wands, pencils, legos...