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Scientific discoveries you (might) need to know:

Musical Pacifiers? (Credit: Image from Florida State University)
Maternal metabolic condition linked to neurodevelopmental problems. Yes you can add being obese with diabetes/hypertension to the expanding list of possible autism triggers.

Musical pacifier teaches preemies to suck.  And possibly lip-synch better than Chris Brown.

Before you start singing lullabies to your unborn child, read this and remember the next bit come fall.

Pregnant women who had flu shots less likely to have preemies, stillbirth and low birth weight babies.  Also less lucky to eat placentas.

Aaahhh food...

More Generation X dads in the kitchen.  More Generation X moms speed-dialing take-out.

Some people even think food has replaced rock and roll in the hearts (and possibly visceral regions) of Generation X.

Dad in the apron, hold the self-congratulations. Keep reading.

Generation X and Millennials, Generation Me. Thirty- and forty-somethings are more interested in money and fame (and the perfect souffle) than helping others or building communities.

The good news, behaviors once considered self-serving and mean-spirited may not be so awful after all.

Gossip as social good, warning others about mean girls. Also therapeutic for their victims.

Disagreeable people prefer aggressive dogs. Note the "prefer" vs "own." Pit bull aficionados aren't more likely to actually act violent.

Texting while driving increases risk of crash 23 times. Talking on cell phone, 4X.  Singing Hot N Cold (thank you, Katy Perry), 10X.

And even if you may act less than congenial or mature at times, it might not be entirely your fault (with the exception of Chris Brown who has no one else to blame but himself):

Rats whose ancestors exposed to fungicide more stressed out.  Blame the Vicodin habit on your grandfather with the enviable lawn.

Here's some good news.  There may be some hope for our children who may not be destined to suffer the selfishness of Generation X.

Researchers building video games that may boost social and emotional skills like empathy.  If they don't go straight to the sale bin.

And if they don't injure your child's ears they may be worth it.

72% of teens have hearing loss after one concert.  50% with actual hearing loss, 22% actively ignoring mom.

No go, tell your mother you forgive her for the bad epigenetics if not the pesticide-ridden childhood.

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