Vaccine Advice, Who Do Parents Trust?: Be a Child's Shot@Life

Who do parents trust for advice about immunizations?

The professionals.

A recent study found 81.7% percent of American parents with kids 6 and younger say their doctor or nurse is an important source of information in their decision to vaccinate. 

Who else do they describe as important sources of advice for the decision?

Family (47%)
Friends (23%)
Media outlets (10.9%)
Internet (9.9%)

There must be a connection between who parents trust for advice and their decision to vaccinate. Roughly the same percentage actually do vaccinate (typically about 90%, 87% in a recent study) as trust the doctor's advice (the 81.7%).

So the 18.3% who don't take the professional advice - who do they listen to the most? Now that's an even more interesting question.  I wonder if that's the same percent putting their faith in the Internet.  Or "other media outlets" with a few friends and family thrown in on occasion. 

Anyone else surprised that a mere 10% find the Internet trustworthy?  Wow, look at the friends.  Wonder if friends really influence our vaccination decisions or if we just hang with mommies who share our beliefs.

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