Spacing-Out Siblings and Autism: Another Spacey Study Gets Its Fifteen Minutes

So siblings conceived less than a year apart raises the risk of autism for the younger child?

Yeah, I know, yet another spacey study (i.e. one with a slight finding) thrust into the national spotlight.  Searching for the study online I happened upon The Biology Files, a blog written by Emily Willingham, aka The Biolotrix, who I believe is also the mother of an autistic child.  She's already tackled the spaced-out autism study, so thoroughly and clearly I highly recommend reading her post.  She even goes after the media for dramatic headlines.  Maybe we're long lost second cousins??  Anyhow, always a pleasure to come across another blogger debunking the latest scientific evidence in the media.

An added bonus - in an earlier post, Willingham calls out the two other authors of the infamously retracted Lancet autism article - the two that refused to pull their authorship, that is, sided with the now defrocked Andrew Wakefield.  Love it.

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