King Kristof, Anti-Chemical Autism Crusader

Hello, New York Times, it's me, Polly.  Why didn't you publish any letters from readers questioning Mr. Krisof's bewildering and let's face it, biased column attributing autism to toxins, Do Toxins Cause Autism? 

I really want to believe you're an objective news source, but your lack of balance here is making me have my doubts.   

Yes, the letter from the mother of a boy who had leukemia is powerful, as is her anti-chemical message.

Yes, the letter from a senior policy adviser, Chemicals Program, Center for International Environmental Law is impressive too. 

But, oh for the love of unbiased, accurate media...
And then days later, another letter, my hopes up....a letter describing new research into the environmental and genetic origins of autism....from the Chief Science Officer of Autism Speaks, an organization that still clings to the most unscientific notion of a link between autism and vaccines.   

So here's one letter I would love you, Mr. Kristof and your editors and all your international audience to read.  It's a response I received about your ridiculous column from one of my rational and brave readers here, a mother of an autistic child, by the way, who still supports vaccinating kids:

Just in case anyone cares, I also have two typically developing children who live in the same toxin-laden environment as the one who has autism. Why doesn't anyone point out things like that?


P.S. I care!


momof2 said...

I've often wondered about that too - the other children living in the same toxic household that don't have autism. Obviously something genetic is going on.

nancy said...

Thanks for the post.. It clear my doubts