Organic Foods For Kids: Why Go Orgo?

Is organic food really all that better for kids?

Yes according to a recent article (Why Organic Especially for Children?) on WebMd. Why? Two reasons:

One, children are overexposed to pesticides even if their exposure is within legal limits.

  • Two, children are developing organs to last a lifetime. Due to their smaller size, fast-growing speedy metabolisms, and less varied diets, infants and children are more vulnerable to health and developmental damage.
Thus, eating organic products, if you can find them and afford them, may be the "best protection" for children according to the author, Dr. Alan Greene, a professor at Stanford (impressive, no?) - the founder of the website - and the author of Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care.

In other words, of course he advocates organic food for children. He's the Green Baby Doc.

So let's look at his claims.

Children are "overexposed" to pesticides? Who knows. We do have some evidence children who eat organic have less (potentially harmful) chemicals in their bodies. Does this evidence come from potentially biased special interest groups? Yes. The Environmental Working Group for one. Do we know if regularly ingesting those pesticides (from foods) produce long-term ill effects? Not yet.

Do I buy lots of organic food? Yes. Can I afford organic produce? Yes.

Check out: The Organic Buying Guide on - an article that also talks briefly about the pros and cons of organic food and a list of foods you should buy organic and ones to "stop worrying about"...

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