Perish the Perils of Co-Sleeping

Has co-sleeping become increasingly dangerous, fatal, for small babies?

In other words, are infant deaths attributed to co-sleeping increasing?

Before I could check out this latest media sound bite Sandy Szwarc over at Junk Food Science beat me to it. Seems the Pediatric's study behind the news was not what it appeared - evidence that more infants are dying after being suffocated or asphyxiated while sleeping with parents. One of the chief problems, the definitions of the three types of unexpected infant deaths have changed, resulting in more fatalities being included in the suffocation/asphyxiation category. Also, prior to 1996, there was no official protocol for infant death scene investigations. All of this may be evidence that well, there's no evidence the incidence of co-sleeping fatalities are on the rise.

Sandy's take on it?

"The bottom line is that twenty years of infant deaths show that far fewer babies overall are dying from these accidental injuries. There is no evidence that parents today are being more careless or are less capable of caring for their babies, or that there is a major epidemic of babies being smothered to death."

Thanks, Sandy. I can sleep a little easier now...well...maybe not considering the shoddy reporting.

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