Fishy Business: To Eat or Not To Eat

Young children and pregnant women should avoid fish because of unsafe mercury levels.

Young women and pregnant women should eat fish because of the supposed effect of fatty-acids on brain development.

Yes, government officials are reconsidering these two statements above..with the FDA saying the risks from mercury might not be as great as they thought...but this is the same agency who've been criticized for saying the risks of BPA (bisphenol-a) are low, at least not great enough to justify any governmental action...

And how many kids out there actually eat fish? My allergist advised against it because of its role as an allergen - at least until my kids turned 3. Advice that also might turn out flawed what with some new research suggesting early consumption might reduce food allergies..

And who's kids eat fish anyway? Mine would sooner listen to me preaching through dinner.

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