Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bisphenol-a Safe: FDA Gives BPA Thumbs Up or No Thumbs Down

Got to say I'm somewhat surprised the FDA didn't red-light BPA on Tuesday. I expected a more cautious approach given the National Toxicology gave it the thumbs down. And the study out of Britain showing a link between adult levels of BPA (in blood and urine) and heart disease and diabetes. Not that I think it's the worse thing since DDT. Do I think it's dangerous? I have no idea with all the conflicting research. The rat studies are a long way from proving harm to humans. The other research - on BPA leaking from bottles and other sources - has lots of holes. Stats at GW conclude the bottles have to be super heated and stay that way to get any kind of leakage. Anyhow, I've taken the bottles away but then again, my son is two. So he gave them up sooner rather than later...

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