Bisphenol Goes Bad: High Levels in Blood and Urine Linked to Heart Disease and Diabetes

Today, the same day we've heard the FDA planned on meeting with outside experts to debate the safety of BPA, Reuters reports British researchers found that adults with high levels of BPA in their blood and urine faced twice the risk of diabetes and heart disease as those with low levels. The study was published in the current issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association. On the surface this appears damning evidence - but I can think of several alternative explanations for the results. The links are correlational, not causal. Perhaps people with chronic diseases are less able to rid their bodies of the chemical. Or maybe another factor or set of factors account for both the higher rates of disease and BPA. Like a compromised immune system? Another chemical? Obviously I'm not a toxicologist, an epidemiologist or any kind of medical doctor but these questions remain. I'm curious to see how the FDA will rule in light of this new evidence.

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