The Weight of Food - Not the Calories

Seems kids eat the same weight of food every day according to a study reported by Tara Parker-Pope at her blog, Well, at The New York Times. Penn State University researchers assessed whether children in a daycare eating low-calorie, low-sugar meals and snacks ate the same amount of calories of those eating high-calorie ones. They wondered if those on a lean diet would eat more to make up for their lower calorie meals. They did not.

Maybe it's all about Volumetrics. But don't go looking to read the original research report - USA reported the nutrition findings after they were presented at an Obesity Society convention in New Orleans. You'll have to wait to read the official version from the researchers...

FYI - The rsearchers even sent the kids home with low-calorie dinners and snacks for the evening - can you imagine how eager their mothers were for them to participate? Sign my child up, please!

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