Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Picky Eating in the Genes?

Parents of picky eaters, take relief today...

Looks like we have some good evidence that genes are largely responsible for picky eating or neophobia (dislike of veggies, fruits, and proteins). So says a recent article in the Dining In section of the New York Times. Researchers at University College London polled 5, 390 pairs of twins between 8 and 10 years old - that's a large sample. The findings? Apparently 78% of picky eating can be blamed on genes, the remaining 22%, on environment. The study was published in August's American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. You can read the free abstract or pay for the whole journal article.

I for one will be draining the pasta tonight with a slightly less guilty conscience...

On a related note, check out Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook tailor-made for food-phobic children (and adults). Zucchini-laced chocolate cake. Chickpea chocolate chip cookies. Cannot wait to test it in my own highly discriminating household.

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