Early TV Update - Timing Matters

Here's more on my previous post about early tv viewing (the study showing no ill effects of 2 -plus hours of tv at age 2). The New York Times ran a blurb in the Science section on Tuesday, October 9th (F6). For kids who just watched at age 2 there was no evidence of reduced social or behavioral skills by age 5. There were poorer behavioral skills for kids who watched more than 2 hours both at age 2 and age 5. But for kids who watched only two hours or more at age 5 (not at age 2) - they had reduced social skills. As a psychologist I infer that the latter group, the one with poorer social skills, probably is having the more difficult time with peers and school. They're probably more apt to have some labels put on them - I'm thinking of the autistic spectrum. But of course this all conjecture on my part - the study in question didn't assess these disorders.

I'm still questioning the American Academy of Pediatric's ban on tv for young kids - makes you wonder if it's necessary. Maybe we should be looking elsewhere for the elusive set of factors responsible for children's behavioral issues.

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